Hello, I'm Nisovin! And this is a website! Here you can see some of the various projects I have done or am involved with.

Scrap Spaceship

I made a weird game for Ludum Dare 45.

Let me play!

URealms Live

URealms Live is a massive fantasy universe and improv comedy show built around a custom tabletop roleplaying game.

I wanna see!

Zane Legends

Zane Legends is a fictional character created as a writing exercise. The basic idea is to choose a random genre, setting, and secondary character; then write a short story about Zane Legends, using those criteria, in under an hour.

I love writing stories!

Awkward Buffalo

Long ago, back in my college days, I made a bunch of weird videos with my roommate. Some of them are rather strange. All of them, really.

I'm afraid to watch...